Follow Your Daydream

My personal motto of the past few months has been “follow your daydream”.


I have been a daydreamer since I was in elementary school. I would draw action-packed little worlds of elves working in Christmasland, DOGzilla destroying a metropolis, rabbits quitting drugs after learning about DARE (I was a weird and controversial child). I would put a lot of detail in the characters and environments in these silly drawings.

I was reminiscing about that childlike, imaginative spirit I had, and it inspired me to let myself be silly and create something I have been daydreaming about this past year: my own workspace.

Before I start ranting let me say I realize I am experiencing a undeniably first world problem. That being said I feel compelled to share the experiences I have gone through to hopefully let someone going through the same situation know that they are not alone.

I will have moved 4 times since graduating high school in 2016; this fact makes me feel that I don’t know where “home” is and makes it very hard to get used to any workspace I am in. It’s really taxing to move so often, but it’s just how it goes as a college student sometimes! I daydream every day about what my permanent studio will look like one day. I decided to draw what I am picturing for my DREAM studio as right now:

Mockup of my dream workspace

Mockup of my dream workspace

Creating this drawing was so cathartic for me. After drawing this vision I have for myself, even if it is totally made up and just a daydream and the proportions are arbitrary - I feel peace with where I’m at right now. I truly believe our environments are super important, but I feel like the environment I’m currently in is very reflective of where I am at in life.

Being 20 years old means you are an adult who really knows crap about adulthood. I gravitate towards people who are doing cool things with their lives and creative businesses so it’s easy to compare myself to people who are in different seasons of life than I am, who have worked their asses off for their businesses and where they are today. Stepping back from instagram culture where everything is “now, now, now” is extreeeeemmmeeelllyyyy important for little ol’ me.

My eyes are on the prize, the prize is to eventually feel settled and have an environment that cultivates creativity for me. I am EXCITED for the day I have the means to make a place for myself. For now, I’m gonna finish college and do my freelance work in coffeeshops and on kitchen tables with my frickin head HELD HIGH!