Illustrating Family Recipes

I recently finished illustrating a cookbook and wanted to do some more food illustrations! I asked my followers on Instagram to send me some of the dishes/recipes that their families enjoy year after year. Food has its way of keeping us tied to our roots!

Here’s what people shared:

“Pupusas! They are THE famous Salvadorian dish.”


“We really like to eat Ceviche, it’s really good!”


“Mofongo! It’s ok if you don’t know what it is, it’s just fun to say!! (Puerto Rican dish)”


“Swedish pancakes rolled up with butter, lingonberry sauce and powdered sugar!”


“My mom’s posole. The vibrant red broth, the beautiful white of the hominy, the green avo.”


“Italian Pizzelles! My grandma taught me to make them as a teenager!”


“It’s this dough stuff, tomato sauce, cheese, then some kind of meat. Oh wait, that’s just pizza.”


I love little details about our heritage and how objects like food can have so much of an effect on us as people. It goes beyond just food, it brings us together! Thank you to who shared their traditional dishes with me, I enjoyed drawing them all and learning about some new foods I want to try!