Why Pet Paintings are A Must-Have

You know you're a pet parent when 98% of your phone's camera roll is dedicated to pictures of your fur baby. Yes I see you! 

What's a better way of putting your plethora of pet photos to use than turning them into a painting?

Click image to view Etsy listing

Click image to view Etsy listing

It's an adorable, unique way to decorate your home and celebrate the animal companions that are part of our families. It doesn't hurt that they're cute as hell and make for really aesthetic paintings!


Studies actually show that when you order a pet portrait it boosts morale with your fur children


One pet parent says "my cat noticed the portrait of himself and got so excited he threw up in front of it."

Another pet parent says "My dogs have newfound confidence ever since I hung up their portraits fit for royalty above the mantle. Buster is wearing raybans now, I mean I put them on him but he is still wearing them"


Another pet parent says "I didn't think that I could get my hamster to evoke emotion until I got his portrait painted; he still doesn't do much but I feel a new, positive energy from him"

So as you can see it is backed by science that pet parents need their pets painted. It's just good sense.

Click here to order yours today!

Click here to order yours today!